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Hearing God’s Voice

Hearing God’s Voice

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Why This Topic?

In the Vineyard we believe that learning to hear God’s voice, and living in submission and obedience to it, is a foundational skill we all should grow in throughout our lives. Sometimes hearing God’s voice can start to feel intimidating though, or like it is only for certain people. In this curriculum book we want to give teens the opportunity to not only learn about how God wants to speak to them because he loves them, but also to experience it and grow in confidence. Our prayer is that this will lead to a lifetime of living in communion with the voice of their Heavenly Father.

Connecting to Vineyard Values

We intentionally connect our curriculum to Vineyard Values and Distinctives. Hearing God’s voice connects in with the Vineyard Core Value of Experiencing God – you can read more about it here: It also connects with the Vineyard Distinctives of “Everyone Gets to Play” and living “Naturally Supernatural” lives. You can read more about these here: vineyard-distinctives/everybody-play

Lessons in This Booklet

Lesson #1 – Is That You God?
Lesson #2 – The Basics
Lesson #3 – The Five Step Prayer Model
Lesson #4 – Taking Risks For Jesus

The Author: Christian Dunn

Christian and his wife Mandy live with their four amazing kids in Pennsylvania. He is one of the pastors at The Barn Vineyard Church in PA, and has led the youth group for over twenty years. He is currently serving as the National Youth Leader for VUSA, and as the East Region Youth Task Force Leader. He is the author of “Finding the One: How Dating Prepares You For Marriage” and is excited about imparting to young people a passion for following Jesus, discovering their gifts, and pursuing their ministry callings.

What People Are Saying

Hello.  I am a pastor in Delaware, OH and I just wanted you to know how much we have thoroughly enjoyed the curriculum you guys have put together.  It is great material with lots of Vineyard DNA in it and is laid out in a very accessible way.  It has made it much easier to raise up teachers and I hope you do more of them!  Thanks!
Julie Morgan


Hello everyone! My husband (Anthony Rodriguez) and I lead the Jr High ministry at Vineyard Pomona, CA and we were asked to share a quick review/testimony of the “Hearing God’s Voice” curriculum. If you’ve never done a comprehensive teaching on hearing God’s voice with your youth, I highly recommend this one written by Christian Dunn. We had done scattered teachings here and there with our jr highers. But investing in hearing God’s voice in different ways, for several weeks, left a lasting impact. We started with a group of 11-14 year old’s who knew that God still speaks today, but unsure of how it looks like. By the end of this series, students were praying for one another giving each other words of wisdom and knowledge, and pictures!

The great thing about this curriculum is that it’s sectioned off into different pieces. There were weeks where we left off certain sections in order to focus on others, and it still made a significant impact. I also want to emphasize that it’s important to foster a safe environment for the students to practice hearing God’s. We encouraged them that “if you’re not sure if it’s God, go for it anyway and say ‘I think I’m hearing ___ from God. Does that make sense to you'”. This provided a safe environment for them to take risks and they were so encouraged to see when their words were accurate!

Sorry, I don’t mean to be long-winded, but I definitely wanted to highlight this resource for you all!
Karina Rodriguez


I just read the first teaching of “hearing God’s voice” from the curriculum vineyard youth usa put out. It’s so good! I feel encouraged and enabled as a leader through it.
Melissa Lee


The Inverness Vineyard in Birmingham AL has used it, and we had 2 weeks of doing the stuff after teaching it to allow everyone to interact. We had the Sr. high lead groups with the younger students in practicing the 5 steps on each other. We tweeted the teaching as needed, but the material provided took the pressure off of creating an outline from scratch.
Stephanie Jason Richardson


I’m late to this conversation but we used this series in October with our middle schoolers, which was awesome because it led right up to our Fall Conference on Miracle Work, featuring Jordan Seng. Doing the series helped build understanding and expectation of kingdom work with our 5th-8th graders, and about 15 of them actually volunteered to serve at the adult conference, as well as participate and take part in the ministry times.
Stephanie Fosnight Regester

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