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By: Adam Greenwell

Everyone Needs a Don

Even though I am too young to have watched this show myself, I know that the Lone Ranger was full of it. First, being a lone ranger is dumb. Second, the dude was a liar… He wasn’t “Lone,” he had that guy Tonto to help him out. If even the Lone Ranger couldn’t do the […]

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By: Michael Gay

What Feeds You?

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege to speak at the opening session of the East Regional Youth Leaders retreat. I love speaking, but more than that I love the opportunity to get to know people and have genuine 1-on-1 conversations with them. Often times, I am guilty of getting too busy taking […]

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By: Melissa Lee

Be Still (And Prepare for the Fall!)

I don’t know about you but my summers are FULL. Overflowing with laughter, coffee, special parties, up late, lazy mornings and being outside. When I have a moment to think about fall (usually once it’s already here) I can feel overwhelmed at the prospect of starting a “new year,” especially in youth ministry. The fall […]

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By: Jason Patrick

Balancing Act: Constant Adjustments to Achieve Health

A year after Betsy and I got married, she got pregnant with our daughter, Jessica. She had a miserable pregnancy and we waited 4 more years to have our son Jaden. That pregnancy was worse. She swore that if i got her pregnant again, she would kill me, so we decided that we would grow […]

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By: Chris Coggins

Flirting With Disaster: Learning to Honor God’s Boundaries

You are free… to choose the right path! How do you know when you are on the right path? Are there any signs and markers on the roads of life that help you navigate this crazy world? Can you imagine a series of well-marked boundaries that indicate your growth as a leader, parent, or disciple […]

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By: Wes Watkins

3 Ways to Unplug, So You Don’t Burn Out

Today as I sit to write this “soul care” article, my soul doesn’t feel particularly cared for. Don’t worry, I am not in a bad place and as I go from meeting to meeting today I sense Jesus walking with me. In that sense my soul is perfectly cared for, however, I also feel pulled […]

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