VY Missions Trip

Vineyard Youth is excited to announce our first missions trip! All youth groups in the Vineyard are invited, but of course, there is limited space so register soon. Registration will open in mid-February. If you can not come on the trip but would still like your group to be part of the experience you can read about our “Backup Plan” later on the page. Details are as follows:

When: June 23-30, 2018

Where: Galveston TX areas affected by hurricane

How much: $450

With whom: Vineyard Youth USA in conjunction with Grain of Hope, Amoveo group, Heartwork, Vineyard Worship, and Galveston Vineyard Church.

Where will we stay: Galveston Vineyard Church or other local Vineyard churches

HeartWork: One awesome feature of our trip is our partnership with Heartwork. In April we will all be following along an app with devotionals for daily preparation for the trip. The goal is to make this not just a “one off experience” but to incorporate the trip into our ongoing discipleship with our teens. We want to make the trip part of the bigger story of their faith journey, and weave it into their daily lives. How does this trip impact

how you act at school? In your neighborhood? Etc.

What will we be doing:
During the day we will be part of several community projects focused on restoring the community after damage from the hurricane and poverty. This will include working in public parks, local schools, sea walls, housing for elderly, and more. We will also do community outreach like VBS and praying for people in need. We are working on plans to give back to the homeless community in particular.

During the evenings we will have worship meetings in coordination with Vineyard Worship and Vineyard Youth USA. Worship leaders and speakers from around the country will come to challenge us and inspire us.

Backup Plan:
If you cannot make the trip but you would like to be part of the experience, we have created a Back Up Plan! With this plan you can work as a group to raise money for victims of the hurricane in the area we’ll be serving. You can also participate in the HeartWork program in April!