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Finding Devotions in Every Day

When I was a teenager, I used to think it was lame when Christians said they had to do their morning devotions. I thought it made God sound like a mean and boring history teacher making Christians do homework. Devotions were explained to me as the way to connect with...

YP FAIL: Cultivating A Culture of Growth

When I first started out in youth ministry, I had a deep desire to see young people realize their gifts and grow in those giftings. As a worship leader who myself ‘got in the game’ at an early age, I wanted to see students come alive with the call God had placed on...

The Challenge of Leading Your Own Kids

This is probably the hardest article for me to write as it pokes at a pain that runs deeper than anything I have encountered as a youth leader. The problem: My children in youth group are the kids that are the hardest to lead and those that I fear I am failing. As I...

Following Well and Why It Matters

I spent about 6 years as a volunteer in youth ministry before I became a Youth Pastor. During that time, I found myself waiting, not so patiently, for my opportunity to lead. I began to feel a growing call to ministry, specifically youth ministry, and I wanted to lead...

Leading Yourself to Lead Others Well

Leading is hard. There’s no question about that. And leading a youth ministry is on a whole new level. Volunteers, tireless middle schoolers, sarcastic high schoolers, events, games, sermons, calendaring, budgeting… it never ends. And if you’re anything like me, you...

Growing From Conflict

If I could sum up most of what I preach to teenagers in one word it would be the word: grow. Grow towards God. Grow in your faith. Grow in love and grace. Grow by reading your bible, praying, serving others, attending church and youth events. The way I am told to grow...


God is eager to be known and experienced by all. In response to God’s initiative, we value the life-changing power of the experience of His presence.  In the midst of the fast-paced visual marketplace these students are growing up in, we want them to experience God in a way that flows out of a life of worship and affects all aspects of their lives, so that all division between the secular and the sacred vanish. Our prayer is that they experience intimacy with the Father in a way that changes them forever.

In the Vineyard we believe that faith is spelled R-I-S-K! Whether it’s praying for healing, sharing our faith, or volunteering to feed the hungry, acting on our faith often requires a level of risk. Left to our own comfort zones, we tend to mostly take care of ourselves and avoid challenging situations. However, being a follower of Jesus requires us to be stretched and to put others first! In this series we will tackle several obstacles that stand in our way when God asks us to step out in faith.

Studies indicate that community and relationships are key facets that connect adolescent students to a youth ministry context, as well as lasting church engagement.  The call of the church has been and always will be to create a community and family of God – and expression of God’s love. In this curriculum we want to take the opportunity to discuss some of the realties, difficulties, and hurdles to experiencing community and relationship during this phase of life.

In the Vineyard we believe that God cares equally about every race, ethnicity, and gender. But a question that many of us still ask is a simple but important one: How do we do life with people who are different from us? Our hope is that this series will challenge your teens and give them the tools and passion necessary to better embrace those around them that are different from them so that the love of Jesus may be put on display through their lives.