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Solitude, Community, Then Ministry

One of the greatest arguments against deism, the idea that God created the world and then left it alone without intervention, is the fact that I have experienced the successes that I have in this life. Not because I am particularly inept or foolish (although, after my...

Encouragement When You Least Expect It

When I started youth ministry about 7 years ago I thought I could do it all. I had great ideas for games, sermon series, etc. I did what most of youth pastors would do. I would think outside the box. I even had a sermon about shaping your character and I cut my hair...

The Invisible Will Move the Visible

Typically, at least for me, this “job” of being a student pastor is never ending.  I always hear at our staff meeting around May that our slow season is about to start, and I’m always thinking, “Nope!”  Now I’m sure I can blame some of the busyness on myself and my...

Am I Making a Difference?

If you've been in youth ministry (or ministry of any kind really) long enough, you've dealt with the discouragement and pain of watching someone you've invested in begin to drift from God and start making decisions that are not beneficial to their well being. Or...

How to Plan for the Best Mission Trip Ever

I will never forget the best mission trip experience I ever had. I took twenty-two teenagers to Puerto Rico to serve at a kid’s camp for a short-term mission trip. After leading dozens of youth ministry trips, I can honestly say this was the best youth trip ever! The...

3 Tips for Creating a Plan for Your Youth Group

Are you much of a planner? Sometimes the thought of trying to plan a year for youth ministry is overwhelming - I've tried to distill what we do annually into a three step process. This hopefully helps! The first step… Why do you want or need a plan? Is it because you...


Studies indicate that community and relationships are key facets that connect adolescent students to a youth ministry context, as well as lasting church engagement.  The call of the church has been and always will be to create a community and family of God – and expression of God’s love. In this curriculum we want to take the opportunity to discuss some of the realties, difficulties, and hurdles to experiencing community and relationship during this phase of life.

In the Vineyard we believe that God cares equally about every race, ethnicity, and gender. But a question that many of us still ask is a simple but important one: How do we do life with people who are different from us? Our hope is that this series will challenge your teens and give them the tools and passion necessary to better embrace those around them that are different from them so that the love of Jesus may be put on display through their lives.

In the Vineyard we see the theology and practice of the Kingdom of God as core to who we are. It is foundational to all that we believe. In this set of lessons, our hope is to give pre and early teens an opportunity to learn about the theology and practice of the Kingdom of God through discussions and activities that will help students both learn about and experience the kingdom by way of the parable of the soil from Matthew 13.

In the Vineyard we believe that learning to hear God’s voice is a foundational skill we all should grow in throughout our lives. Sometimes hearing God’s voice can start to feel intimidating though, or like it is only for certain people. In this curriculum book we want to give teens the opportunity to not only learn about how God wants to speak to them because he loves them, but also to experience it and grow in confidence.